When dealing with others, it is all too
easy to find fault, to criticise, and to
condemn. How often do criticisms lead
to actual change and improvement
Ninety-nine times out of a hundred, we
find that people don’t criticize
themselves for anything, despite how
wrong they might be. So why criticize others
Steps of note
Instead of criticizing others, try to
understand them . Step back, try to
see things from their perspectives,
and figure out why they do what they
do probably there might be a reason.
Ask yourself: if I were under similar
circumstances as they, and endowed
with the same temperament as they, is
it not possible that I would have done
the same thing as they did?
Think back of all the mistakes you
have made in your life, which is worst . Then
consider: who am I to cast stones?
Strengthen your character and self-
control. Hold back an acrid tongue.
Be sympathetic, tolerant, kind,
and forgiving,thereby try to correct not to condemn .
Stop expecting too much from
others . Realize that no one is perfect
and all of life is a learning curve.
Appreciate all the good things that
others have done. Speak ill of no one,
and speak of all the good you know of
everyone, not as in sweet mouthing peoples situation.
To effect change and improvement
in others, begin on yourself . It is
far less dangerous than criticizing
others, and more profitable.
attempt to remove a mote from your
brother’s eye, when a beam is in your
own eye.
First cast out the mote out of
your own eye, then you will see clearly
to cast out the mote out of your
brother’s eye.


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